to Amara Princesses!

Become a true Princess
master the art of creative inner beauty!

Not just a pageant!

We get involved in community
creating awareness & solutions


Saving bonds, cash, jewelry
and much more!

Who Is This For?

All girls from age 5 or older

This pageant is for all girls from age 5 or older. You don’t have to be a certain look class or race. If you want to be a true princess and master the art of creative inner beauty, so you can create rapid and extraordinary success in literally any area of your life.

What will be covered?

Learn the visualization process that has been used for over two decades that caused the dramatic "before and after" pictures of princess evolution.

Understand why your state of mind matters and why a true princess is not just a pretty face, or a cute smile. It's not just the practice of creative visualization through dressing up, but also about the "power” in you to make changes, to create unique individualistic endeavors and to be a leader in your society and community.

Experience immersive and guided creative workshops on etiquette, fashion and photographing tips, modeling, acting, dance and drama. We received thousands of messages from our community of how profoundly these workshops have impacted lives. This workshop alone is worth being in this pageant.

Why an Amara Princess is like no other

Read why they love us so much

Like no other

As we have previously stated this is not just another beauty pageant. We get involved in community. We strive to become an exemplary body of princesses who uses our talent to bring awareness and create solutions or help in the processes.

Fabulous prizes

Besides the bonus of being able to give back and put a smile on someone else’s face, prizes for the pageant includes saving bonds, college scholarship fund account, cash, tiaras, jewelry , title and trophies.

Become an Amara Princess

You are a girl who's looking to lead an extraordinary life in every dimension. It is important to understand the role a true princess plays in attaining big goals and helping to solve problems.

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About Amara Princesses

Our mission Our mission at Amara princesses is to motivate, mold, inspire, educate and encourage. We are believers in true beauty and girl power. Beauty to us is brain, soul and heart. Outward appearances are not building blocks to princesses. A house is not a home and “A tiara does not a princess make.”

When we decided to create Amara princesses Beauty Pageants, we wanted our message to convey our passion for creating a unique, growth-positive event. Our natural pageants are aimed at promoting a healthy self-image, one that rewards every girl for her time and effort. However more importantly we want to show girls that beauty is more than pretty looks. We are proud to help mold the self- esteem of our future ladies and leaders.

Our goal is to provide an organized all-star quality environment to showcase not only talents but also service to our communities and society at large. Lasting memories and friendships are added bonuses to the mark and impact each and every girl will leave on the hearts of their parents, care givers, friends, teachers and peers.

We pledge to make each pageant a fulfilling and enjoyable one, where your Amara Princess gains that extra burst of confidence and a peaked sense of accomplishment. Amara Princesses is indeed a family which extends beyond the stage of pageantry and we welcome you and your princess to join us in the ultimate celebration of total and true beauty.